Sulphur Cosmos
Sulphur Cosmos

Sulphur Cosmos

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Sharing a new pigment bloom of 2021 a utter delight to grow and a favorite of all pollinators. 

This delicate flower provides so much vibrant pigment. Works well with the correct scouring and mordanting on protein and cellulose fibres

 To release pigment, a slow tepid, near passive extraction, is recommended for a bright color,  at a temperature ranging between 28°- 32°C.    At a higher temperature an earthy orange blush is recreated 

 30g of Blooms in 4l of water provide the shades seen below on yarn at two different temperature ranges

Eco Printing this sweet bloom is a total must. 

Sold in 50g packs 

Grown, harvested & dried in Guernsey, Channel Islands.