Indigo Seed Supplier List USA Updated 1 December 2021

For folks residing in the USA, looking to purchase Indigo seed, here are the 
"7" best options, direct links in each title.  **Updated 1st December 2021**

The Dogwood Dyer 














Liz "The Marvel" Spencer, offers Indigo seed in good quantity and of good quality at Liz also shares her knowledge in the "Solid Foundation" a set of recorded classes, for new and seasoned dyers alike, the classes cover eco printing through Indigo dyeing, and to clarify, am speaking from experience. 

Image @thedogwooddyer

The Hoppy Acre

Indigo Seed NY Organic

Certified Organic Growers located in Amagansett, NY  are the latest addition to the USA Suppliers List, offering Kojyoko white flowering Indigo ( Persicaria Tinctoria)  and an assortment of very appealing hot sauce. 

Indigo Pigment Extraction Method 

Indigo Pigment Extraction

Seed Type: Persicaria Tinctoria ( Japanese Indigo) Indigofera Tinctoria & Woad

The Facebook group “Indigo Pigment Extraction Method” created by Brittany Boles, hosts those who are pursuing Indigo from seed to vat dyeing. The community comprises of new, seasoned dyers and growers of various species of Indigo baring plants. A list of USA Indigo seed sellers is also available on this page. The community within, are amazing, and ring the entire globe. Join the conversation, there is virtually always someone available to answer questions and offer a virtual helping hand.

image: @christine_noeljames

Botanical Colors 

Botanical Colors Shop Seed

SEED TYPE: Indigofera Suffructicosa Grown & Saved by Madame Magar & Persicaria tinctoria( Japanese Indigo) 

 OTHER: Weld & Hopi Black Dye Sunflowers

Botanical Colors carries a dazzling array of natural pigments, shares comprehensive instructions, insightful troubleshooting blogs, books and weekly live interviews known as "FeedBack Friday"- to which I say- who needs Netflixs!

image: @madamemagar

Grand Prismatic Seed 

SEED TYPE: Persicaria Tinctoria  ( White flowering) 

OTHER: Hopi Black dye Sunflower, Madder, Coreopsis, Black Knight Scabious, Double Black hollyhocks, Sulphur Cosmos...

The list goes on and on. Grand Prismatic Seed store is filled with vibrance and goodness. Once you get your growing groove on, and believe me you will, those nifty pheromones in the soil are super persuasive,  you’ll be back for more and more, I mean the Turkish orange aubergines… yes please!

image: @grandprismaticseed

Graham Keegan

SEED TYPE: Persicaria Tinctoria (Japanese indigo) & Indigo Plant Adoption within the LA Area

OTHER: Madder ( Rubia Tinctorium) Weld ( Reseda Luteola) as seen above

Graham is a master dyer, produces incredible textile patterns and prints, offers courses, workshops, and shares sound information on Indigo vat building and other natural dye techniques. 

image: @yesgraham

Bedhead Fiber

SEED TYPE: Persicaria Tinctoria ( Japanese Indigo)

OTHER: Scabious Black knight, Calendula, Marigold, Madder, Sulphur Cosmos, Hopi Sunflower, Hollyhock and more plus dye seed bundles.

At Bedhead Fiber sustainability is the driving force behind Kelli's mission. Gorgeous colours, all naturally derived from plants, play out across the Bedhead Fibers yarn, fabric and kit collection,  perfect for those leaning into slow living and self sufficiency. 

image: @bedheadfiber  



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