Let the Festivities Begin!

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With the rush up to the holidays gathering serious speed, here is some unique inspiration for seasonal decorating, gift giving, organizing, and entertaining, straight out of the Adored1 store, giving an old world look and feel to the season. Decorating for us is a family affair,  Is it the same for you?

These individually hand tooled tin decorations make sweet additions for trees and wreaths.  Let the little people choose their favorites, you will find the seven variation here 

The silver star ornament pack ( less the pompom)  gave our wreath a refreshing update find them here  with seven different styles to choose from.

With constant reminders to reduce waste and recycle, the question begs, how often do you reuse wrapping? Adored1’s hand tooled boxes are perfect for eradicating waste. All you need is to add ribbon or paper string and you’re done!  They give a unique and instant glossy wrapping which can be used again and again.  Find the selection here

Previously, we referenced Marie Kondo’s highly acclaimed book here “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering & Organizing” which has revolutionized the inner workings of many homes globally. Kondo-san is fervently against buying new storage items, insisting one utilize what is already available. So for the expert purger, aside from the contents, beautiful boxes make a perfect gift adding a punch to visible organization.  

Kondo San also insists on everything being organized vertically, as the very best method. My bureaux frequently had horizontal stacks of papers and note books, but now looks like this. Definitely “Gift-able” they look super sharp!  Click here to view the three sizes available and the deal on buying pairs.  Use as stand alone files or book ends.


Hand tool trays have various uses, good for any occasion, from doling out the cookies on a winter afternoon with hot chocolate for the kids to full blown entertaining.  Available in three sizes find them  here 

We've found the trays work brilliantly squaring off the coffee table as constant fixtures.

 Last but not least our tree.  We are really doing the best we can to “Keep it Green” this year and opted for a potted tree.  For those who are local to Carmel we are delighted to discover and share, Valley Hill Nursery are selling potted trees and deliver! See information below.
Let the festivities begin!
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Info & Credits
Gianna's Handmade Baked Goods. www.giannas.com
"The New Bohemians" a must have. www.justinablakeney.com/the-new-bohemians/
One of Carmels finest "Ami".   http://www.amicarmel.com/yum/lafco-candles

Tree: Valley Hill Nursery, 7440, Carmel Valley Road (just after Earthbound Farms) Tel:  831 624 3482



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