We Wish You Were Here Part One Bali

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Bali is otherwise known as “The Land of The Gods” and is nothing short of a sensory explosion.  The color, the flavors, the inspiration, the creativity and the heart of the people, all are evident in every day life here.  It is undoubtedly my most favorite destination in the world and has held a very special place in my heart since the early 90’s. 

Arriving at dusk, the sun sets over the paddy field. A sight to behold. Here stood in front of one of our all time favorite grazing stations; Betelnut Cafe, Jalan Batu Bulong Canggu, more on that later.


Our first morning, the need to stretch from our 29 hour journey was a no brainer.  We made our way to yoga, at Serenity Yoga Sala and Guest house, Jalan Nelayan Canggu. Here a Ganesh is found in sweet repose and meditation. Note the eyes.

Along the way to breakfast each day, we admire the precious morning offerings, their intricate and often elaborate designs. In fact every morning we are transfixed, not only by the offerings and their colors, but also with the dedication in prayer and gratitude of the offerer.

Our most favorite breakfast in the world, “Naga Bowl @ Betelnut Cafe”. Looks almost tame until you dive in. ( see below)

 And voila… visual heaven, nothing short of ecstasy to the tastebuds.

We marvel at many things.  The Bourg the Lushness, the door way,  the intricacy, the details everywhere you look, it is creation upon creativity.


The talent.  In Ubud this fifteen year old, is best known for his wood carving.  Here he quietly sits, sculpting black sand cement for a decorative plinth to fit one of the many shrines.

The textiles. Wondering what has become of these? Stay tuned,  sign up for our newsletter and blog.

The celebration of Galungan where Dharma arrives to fight evil, and offerings challenge the sky.



 The verve in everything “The green hornet” the tangiest green drink on the planet. Pure vitamin C.

And... the sun sets each day with such remarkable flair, it is hard to know which shot is best to share.

For now Salamat Malam 

Mama George & Little Man Fuji. 

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