Sulphur Cosmos Seed
Sulphur Cosmos Seed

Sulphur Cosmos Seed

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Bedazzling Sulphur Cosmos, I find them to be profoundly beautiful having fallen in love with them in 2021 I went "All out" this year to bring them back.  The bees absolutely love them but then Bees are total flower-holics!  

Varietals are; plain vibrant orange, orange with brush stroke of deep orange and a delicate piquant yellow ( not shown well here) providing double and single blooms.  

Plant size varies, 60 to 152cm. Drought tolerant, though ultimately will give you so much more with regular watering.

Have learnt a lesson in 2022 on trying to start seed too early,  filling me with utter fear that I might not entertain the same vibrant blooms for the summer of '22. So, sow in late April as light extends and soil temperatures increase for best results

Plant at a minimum of 30 cm intervals, to give ample space for air flow and abundant branching.  Grows in any soil.

For Dried Sulphur Cosmos blooms go here  pigment of which is just incredible. 

Sold in packs of 100  think multiple sowing April onwards....

Grown & harvested in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Channel Islands, GB.