Matthiola Bicornus Deep Pink
Matthiola Bicornus Deep Pink
Matthiola Bicornus Deep Pink

Matthiola Bicornus Deep Pink

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Matthiola Bicornus also known as "Nighttime Stocks" in deep pink.  Harvested and dried en masse as many times as the indigo during spring and summer of 2023.  Loving the results of this bloom.  Had a notion from a quick test back in 2019 the pink pigment,  could be sequestered as a natural dye. It has taken four years to resume testing. 

The flowers in their raw natural state are a bright deep pink. On drying they reveal themselves as a deep lipstick pinky red.

Test fabrics selected are linen as cellulose representative for pot and eco printing. Silk for pot and eco printing and wool protein fibres.

Samples were scoured / washed and mordanted in the appropriate alum salts, for both cellulose and protein fibres for a few hour prior to dyeing.

The dye bath comprised of 30g dried flowers set to soak in one later of filter water  ( ph 7) Pigment release was initiated with a little heat no more than 30° for as many mins and left to steep for 24 hours at room temperature. 

Sample fabrics were left in the dye pot for 12 hours. Best practise is to remove all plant material. 

Sample fabrics were then dried, steam pressed poste dye bath washing in ph neutral soap, rinsed to remove all excess dye, air dried and pressed again.  Am delighted we have another plant pink to add to the day garden and natural dye palette, however light fastness is not a test truly possible at this time of year. 

Volume of the remaining dye bath was increased with  filtered water to encompass 2 more silk items weighing circa 60g for a mid to light shad of pink. 

Sold in weights of 25, 50 & 100g

Grown & harvested in the Bailiwick Of Guernsey, UK