Madder Rubia Tinctorum.
Madder Rubia Tinctorum.
Madder Rubia Tinctorum.

Madder Rubia Tinctorum.

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The Ancient red.  It takes a minimum of three years to bring this red root to maturity. Best grown in a large pot rather than directly in the soil, unless you enjoying digging.

Madder is known as an invasive plant with prolific tiny yellow flowers which later mature into thousands of berries.  Click here to grow your own from madder seeds 

Shades of red, orange and pink, can be acquired from the ground roots of the madder plant, depending on which way you chase the ph, up in alkalinity or down in acidity.  

For the purpose of ease Madder root is offered in two makeups. 

Chopped while fresh, dried and then ground into fine powder, making less work for those who wish to make a madder paste for direct application or  immersion dyeing, and coarsely chopped good for immersion dyeing, the remains of which can be reused to make a nourished indigo vat. 

To extract colour place powder in dedicated saucepan and bring to a gentle simmer for 30mins-1hr. 

Strain the madder water through a fine muslin to remove any particles so that colour is not imparted with spotting on chosen fabric - (unless spotting is what you require)

Return liquid to dye bath saucepan and warm through adding your chosen fibre.

To boil Madder is to create brown,  so gently coax you colour into your fiber at a moderate temperature and do not turn the saucepan in a bubbling cauldron! Unless of course you want a red brown? 

Always ensure your dye bath is large enough to completely cover the goods you are dyeing.  keep goods moving and ensure no air pockets collect within material or fibre

Allow your goods to sit for 12-24 hours, stirring occasionally, depending on the depth of colour required.

Apply to protein or plant fibres. 

Quantity required depends on the weight of fabric (WOF) and can range from 30%-100% depending on the weight and fabric type. 

50g & 100g packs available.

Grown & prepared, in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK