Loofah  "Loofah Cylindrica"

Loofah "Loofah Cylindrica"

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 NEW SEED 2020 Harvest now ready.

Loofah is a member of the Cucurbitacaea family, commonly known  as Cucumber.

For those looking for sustainable lifestyle options, Loofah makes a great alternative to polyester sponges. Known as a bathtime companion is  great for exfoliation. Simply wet lather and scrub away.  Not suitable for new born or sensitive skin.  

Originating from Asia, the loofah fruit can be enjoyed, yes eaten,  when the fruits are small and tender. 

Seedlings prefer moist soil - but guard against over watering. Germinatiation up to 21 days.

Loves warmth and requires supporting trellis, makes a great canopy. Grows up to 2m. 

Seeds per pack 20