Chinese Broccoli

Chinese Broccoli

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This delicious green has succulent leaves and stalk. Imagine tender asparagus crossed with a crisper juicer bite similar to broccoli with fleshy sweet leaves.  White flowering the buds may be cut and eaten with the tender stalk and leaves.  A must for those who enjoy steamed and stir fry vegetables. 

Flowers allowed to bloom have a stronger cabbage like flavor.

Direct sow or sow into seed trays. Prick out the strongest, and pot on to promote healthy roots. Keep in cold frame for early spring planting. Plant out after last frost or plant with fleece cover as protection from frost. 

Will grow in large pots for balcony growers and those with patio garden areas. 

Plants will reach 4 foot if allowed. Large leaves on the lower stems, with show shoots between leaf and stem post the first cut. 

Enjoys full sun and regular watering. 

"Cut & come again" like many other brassica's. Happy eating

Guernsey grown & saved heirloom seed. 

12 seeds per pack 

Please save seed whenever possible, from your vegetables and flowers from season to season as this will reduce waste ( packaging), carbon footprint ( delivery) and increase your independence and sustainability. 

It is not my intention to save and sell heirloom vegetable seed every season for public consumption. This decisions derives from a personally story of finding it near impossible to buy seed  online during the 2020 pandemic, therefore Bailiwick Blue will increase the range and share seed in 2021.