Covid 19 Alert

Due to the covid19 pandemic deliveries are currently posted once a week, each Thursday. 

Latest order time on Thursday is 11:00 a.m. GMT / WET maybe 11:30 :)

Bailiwick Blue is a solo act, from soup to nuts; sow, grow, harvest, alchemate harvest, ( yes twice ), harvest,  thresh, pack and despatch.  Please be assured whilst Social distancing is not necessarily a thing when working alone,  matters of hygiene however are applied with a great deal of seriousness as I reside with my 81 year old Pa. 

Workshop dates will not be confirmed until we are safely out of lock down till then...

Stay Safe, Stay Home & Grow, Knit, Pot, Crochet, Macrame, Dye, Embroider, Paint, Sketch, Stitch, Print & Read, Write that Book,  Bench Press, Plank if it's still a thing? Practise Yoga, Meditate & remember to BREATH.