Marigold Flower Heads Yellow

Marigold Flower Heads Yellow

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  Glorious Marigolds!  These are the Yellow Kushi variety as grown and used for celebration and decoration in India, Indonesia and other cultures too. The blooms themselves are 6 times larger than the local British common garden marigold, standing at least 3 foot high.

Steep loose or in piece of muslin for pot dyeing and over all colour. 

Marigold will give all an earthy orange / yellow to pale orange / yellow pigment depending on the WOF ratio and especially with the flower heads intact. 

Perfect for protein and cellulose fibres. Colour will vary depending on pre or post mordant applied.

Use in pot dyeing, hot or cold, for a muted tone, steam or solar eco printing, and in creation of your own ink, watercolours and pastels. 

Grown, harvested & ground in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK

Sold as 100 gram pack