Indigo Pigment Bailiwick Blue 2020一番 grade 1

Indigo Pigment Bailiwick Blue 2020一番 grade 1

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Indigo has many uses most prominently known for dyeing fabrics, yarns and threads,  both cellulose ( plant origin ) and protein ( animal origin). Indigo in it powdered form may be applied as a soap colourant, crafted into paint either oil or water colour, pastels, staining wood and adding color to plaster finishes. There are numerous applications for this beautiful natural plant pigment.

Bailiwick Blue Japanese Persicaria Tinctoria  or Polygonum Tinctorium. Pigment is made in house during the summer and fall months.

Qualities vary due to temperature, time of harvest, health of plants and soil etc.

一番  or IchiBan, which literally means No. 1 is the darkest indigo produced this year, and will yield almost the same depth of colour to the fabric of your choice, either cellulose or protein fibres, when vat dyeing, after several dips and periods of oxidaisation. Please note to create the dark blue with this indigo you will need to dye fabric and for goods to oxidize at least 12-15 times, when using a fructose vat. If using a iron vat please note this will render a darker colour but is not recommended for a protein fibers such as silk and wool.

50 gm of powdered indigo will dye 250g of fabric or yarn or a mid to dark blue 100g will dye 500g.

Grown & produced in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK