"Senbon" Persicaria Tinctoria Pink Flowering long leaf Indigo

"Senbon" Persicaria Tinctoria Pink Flowering long leaf Indigo

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This pink flowering variety is widely grown in the USA. Indigo pigment is found and collected from the leaf via water extraction method or composting. Leaves are long and tapering, on a pink stem, early trimming is required to promote bushing. Perfect for raw leaf dyeing. 

Sow seeds into tray, prick out and pot on to establish. Prick out center leaves to encouraging bushing. Plant out after the last frost. 

Best planted in a sheltered area, in full to partial sun minimum 8 hours sun. 

Enjoys good quality nitrogen rich compost and is a heavy drinker. Water well. 

Just as blooms are beginning to show ( green flower spikes from central stem ) harvest the branches leaving 6-8 cms of stem. This will encourage the second harvest to come back thicker. 

Harvest before blooms are setting to achieve best pigment.  Harvesting after plants are blooming will alter the indigo quantity and quality.

Another good outdoor performer Maruba

Seeds per packet 30

Grown & harvested in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK