Dyers Camomile Seed | Anthemis Tinctoria
Dyers Camomile Anthemis Tinctoria Yellow Natural Dye

Dyers Camomile Seed | Anthemis Tinctoria

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These, the tiniest of seeds always amaze, producing  plump bushels of lacey green with long stemmed button shaped yellow flowers.

Sow seeds October to February for planting out in spring. Plant out in middle or front of beds and space at a minimum of 60 cm apart. 

All parts of this perennial may be used as natural dye.  Flowers produce lush bright yellows perfect for protein and cellulose fibers.  Trim off the entire stem when harvesting blooms to maintain order. 

Harvest flowers frequently to encourage plant to set more blooms. Trim spent arms of bushes to encourage new growth. Prune in fall months to maintain shape and plant health.

Grows well in any soil. 

Also available in a smaller number as part of "The Dye Garden Set". 

Circa 20 seeds per pack

Grown & Harvested in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Channel Islands.