Chocolate Almond Energy Balls

Energy balls are void of processed sugar, but high in protein, and fiber. They are sure to woo your honey with the intention of encouraging healthy choices while enjoying a little chocolate decadence. Your Valentine will feel adored when you offer him (or her) a tray of these home made beauties.  Perfect year round for pre or post work out fuel, or a guilt-free late night nibble.

They are probably too good for the kids but let them try a few!  They can be wrapped in wax paper and shuttled off to school in lunch boxes or eaten as after school snacks.  The goji berries make these healthy treats high in vitamin C and antioxidants while the brain boosting healthy fats from the hemp hearts and almonds will help fuel evening homework sessions.  

This recipe is very simple and will come together in about 20 minutes.  It's a good base for making your own variations (see some ideas at bottom of blog).

Chocolate Energy Balls
makes 15-18

You will need:

4 oz Raw Almond Meal (not shown, you may ground raw almonds in a coffee grinder or a strong blender, or you can buy almond meal)
2 oz Raw Coursley Chopped Almonds
2 oz Raw Hemp Hearts
4-5 Dates, pitted
1 oz of Goji berries.
4 fluid oz of Coconut water.  Our preference like 100% Raw Harmless Harvest best of all
2 oz  of Chocolate Powder.  Our preference Dagoba Organic Cacao powder.
2 oz of Dark Chocolate chips reserve 1 oz for rolling the energy balls
2 oz of Shredded Coconut reserve 1 oz for rolling the energy balls.

A blender
A folk
A teaspoon


In a small bowl, soak your goji berries in hot water, steeping them for 5 mins or less.  We find this takes the sometimes intense dried goji flavor down a little.

Whilst the goji berries are receiving their spa treatment, measure out all other ingredients into a medium sized bowl: almonds (ground and chopped), hemp hearts, chocolate powder, chocolate chips, and shredded coconut.

Drain goji berries and add them to the bowl with the dried ingredients.  Discard the water.

Blend the pitted dates with 2 fluid ounces of coconut water to a smooth paste and add to the bowl.

Pour the remaining 2 oz of coconut water over all the ingredients and work with a fork

Continue mixing by hand until a nice moist ball forms.  You want it to be evenly combined.

On a plate or piece of wax paper, sprinkle shredded coconut or dark chocolate chips for rolling.

Scoop one heaped teaspoon of the dough into the palm of your hand and roll into a ball as tight as possible. Roll the chocolate ball over the shredded coconut to coat the exterior, then repeat with chocolate chips as an alternative.

We rolled the balls into three different mixtures. Hemp hearts and chopped almond combined, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips for variations of finishes. Refridgerate for 30 mins or serve immediately. 

 Boost energy balls even further by adding any of the following (add liquid as needed):

  • green powder (alkalinizing, vitamins & minerals)
  • chia seed (plant protein, omega-3s, fiber)
  • maca powder (balance hormones, increast strength and stamina)
  • ground flax seed (fiber, good fats)
  • chopped walnuts (good for skin and hair, fights stress)

Happy Valentines- everyday.
Rochelle & George

("did someone say treats?")

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